rawar (rawar) wrote in cafe_tacuba,

Fuck yes...

Cafe Tacvba at Webster Hall July 17th....it was insane...
Everytime I see them live, I climax for througout the whole show...
They played like 10 songs during the encore!!!
Sizu even dived into the crowed at the end!!!!
and he gave hold my sister's hand for like 10 seconds!!
This is the 5th time i've seen them and it just keeps getting better...
I was right up front...
yea..the only thing was no cameras allowed....thank god for camera phones though...the pics are blah...but at least i got something....
for your pleasure...
here 'tis

also...Eli guerra is pure sex!!! god she's hot...
But yea....
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I saw them in San Antonio on the 8th...it was orgasmic. I cried forever especially when they played Esa Noche and Eres. I was pretty close to the front and they also played a lot during the encore. Maldita Vecindad was awesome also. Too awesome for words.
wait i didn't mean to mock you, i'm just super-jealous haha
I saw them on the 3rd of July at the Universal Amphitheatre here in LA (hence the photos in my userinfo) and I was originally only there for Kinky; I had heard only "Eres" (the live version) from Un Viaje, and I didn't want to be an asshole and leave right as Kinky left so I stayed because I mean, if ALL the more than 2000+ undying fans came out to see Café Tacvba, why would I be rude and leave?

Point of the story, that show was the most amazing show I have ever been to in my entire life (and I've been to plenty) and never have I been so impressed and wooed by a band at a show. You are so lucky you've seen them 5 times, I plan to do the same if they keep coming back.
Amazing photos, en serio.

PS. I'm really sorry I went on for so long, but it's so hard to find Tacvba lovers in my neck of the woods.